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  • n. Genitive form of Scutum used when naming stars, such as α Scuti.


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  • Rob Kaufman recently captured a Nova outburst Nova Scuti 2009 V496 SCT between the trees and clouds from his back yard.

    Amateur Spectroscopy | Universe Today

  • Though it is rare for delta Scuti stars to produce planets at all.

    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages

  • It had no planets—just an asteroid belt about 14 AU out—and its only other claim to fame was its classification as a star of the delta Scuti type, a variable with a difference.

    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages

  • The starlight was in fact so bright that the leaves blocking it out cast clear sharp shadows on the leaf-strewn ground—for this was a forest that grew on a world at the heart of the great R Scuti Cluster, where stars shone even in the daytime, and the night sky was a jewelled tapestry thick with slowly-pulsing regular variables and novae, all huge and close.


  • Scuti: The Observatory distortion in the Photo-heliograph.


  • Credit: Rob Kaufman's spectrogram of Nova Scuti 2009 V496 SCT outburst

    Amateur Spectroscopy | Universe Today


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