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  • I rarely comment on these matters being somewhat divorced from the "ins and outs" of the American Space Political scene but must interject re Nella Selim's comment.

    New NASA Admin Rumors - NASA Watch

  • Said Selim's teeth rattled on the floor like dominoes.


  • "Well, evidently this person decided to force our hand," Sahib said thoughtfully-and as Nan looked up when they passed under a streetlamp, she saw that both his face and Selim's were grim.

    The Wizard Of London

  • And even staunch old Selim's hand shook as he recorded the cataclysmic, earth-shaking death-howls of the monstrosity, which died not alone; for half-score of his slayers perished with him, in ways that Selim would not or could not describe.

    People of the Dark

  • Selim's administrative reforms primarily involved the reorganization of the scribal service according to higher standards of honesty and efficiency.


  • Selim's eldest son, who took over after his father's death in late 1574, was the last of the sultans to possess some field experience before assuming the throne.

    c. 1570

  • Some of Selim's supporters took refuge at Ruschuk in Bulgaria with the local governor, Bayrakdar Mustafa Pasha, who emerged as the leader of the movement to restore Selim III.


  • As a puppet of the conservative power figures behind the reaction, Mustafa IV decreed the end of Selim's reforms and the restoration of the preexisting arrangements.


  • "You know, you might have pointed out that you lacked the strength to handle the object in question, even with Selim's help."

    The Mummy Case

  • That scar-face maid of Mis 'Selim's put everything -- garbage and trash -- in a big garbage can outside the back door, and I burnt 'em up.

    Murder at Bridge


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  • Emily Eddey, born 1988, is a singer songwriter from Morristown, NJ and New York City. Her first album, tentatively titled, DIVE, is being released in 2009. See her website, for more information.

    July 5, 2009