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  • n. An audio process for motion pictures using low-frequency sound to produce simulated physical sensations in an audience.


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Blend of sense and surround


  • With a development cost of less than $1 million for MCA, "Sensurround" used a low-frequency sound to enhance the illusion of a rumble.

    Can 3-D Save Hollywood?

  • In my mind such bruising demos date back to the arrival of "Sensurround" systems in theaters in the '70's (think THX with plaster-cracking bass), and certainly the arrival of sub-woofers in home theater systems made for a more sound-effects-oriented sales pitch. 

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • They wonder whether audiences will see 3-D as a fad similar to the "Sensurround" effects of shaking floors and blaring speakers for films such as "Earthquake" in the mid-1970s.

    ABC News: ABCNews

  • It would be different if the gimmick wasn't a gimmick, but a natural evolution of film, done almost transparently as stero, then multichannel sound was (oh and even "Sensurround ...").

    Cinema Blend Feeds

  • Zuma Press (Coppola, Scorsese); Getty Images (Spielberg) Three-D technology is at a critical juncture in Hollywood, its mixed track record leaving few clues as to whether it will be a transformative leap like talkies or color, a limited platform like Imax or little more than a doomed gimmick like Smell-O-Vision or Sensurround.

    The Godfathers Of Film Take On 3-D*

  • Somewhat fun, somewhat overlong thriller notable for being one of the few films (besides Earthquake) to use the very of-its-time gimmick of Sensurround.

    Weekly Mishmash: November 2-8 :

  • Or even worse — and I never thought I'd say these words — they'll don even uglier shoes: these things called Vibram FiveFingers, which to me sound like a Vincent Price Sensurround movie or an illegal massage I almost had once in Vancouver.

    The Sole of America

  • The polls are a five-car cluster-fuck in Panavision and Sensurround (who is old enough to remember the movies EarthQuake and Midway in Sensurround?).

    New Polls Show Deadlocked Race In Key States

  • You knew the original pilot was shown in theaters in Sensurround but what the hell is all this gibberish about three feature films?

    Mojo Recommends

  • I haven't been this thrilled by a mixture of campy drama and Grade A disaster since "Earthquake" appeared in Sensurround in the 1970s.

    Haeundae, The Drowned World


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