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  • proper n. Serbo-Croatian
  • adj. Serbo-Croatian

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  • n. the Slavic language of the Serbs and Croats; the Serbian dialect is usually written in the Cyrillic alphabet and the Croatian dialect is usually written in the Roman alphabet


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  • Some of the names used for my language in the past before the term Serbo-Croat were: "BOSNIAN" IN NOVI PAZAR.

  • After being asked four times to rule out such discussions on electoral reform, Cameron said: "Put the question in, you know, Serbo-Croat, if you want to – but you're going to get the same answer."

    David Cameron leaves door open for poll deal with Liberal Democrats

  • We ordered the meal in a mixture of pointing to the Slovenian menu and my tourist-level Serbo-Croat - which is similar to Slovenian, but sufficiently distinct in various ways to easily qualify as a separate language.

    Three meals, six languages

  • For The Last Free City, where the inspiration was Renaissance Dubrovnik, I wanted to use names with a Serbo-Croat cast.

    Archive 2010-05-01

  • The news in Serbo-Croat turned into news in Arabic, then something she guessed might have been Somali.

    Red Wolf

  • I ought to get back in contact with a cousin of mine - his mom was born in Dalmatia, I believe, and he grew up speaking English, German, and the then Serbo-Croat (my uncle was in the military and his mom moved to Bavaria sometime after WWII and they were married for a few years before she divorced him and took my cousin back to Germany - long story).

    Andrzej Sapkowski - The Last Wish (Book Review)

  • The language known prior to 1990 as Serbo-Croat is no longer classified as such, as the languages of Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian are now recognized as separate languages.

    The difference between radio and teaching ESL

  • Yet, in many ways, these three languages are mutually understandable, and a monolingual Serbo-Croat speaker in 1988 could perhaps consider him/herself trilingual today!

    The difference between radio and teaching ESL

  • The forms were a nightmare, asking for the same information to be re-entered time and again, and the accompanying instructions had the feel of having been translated from Gaelic into Serbo-Croat, then back into English by a Mongolian.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • So I was all ears as Hazel told me about Mr Hazel's (Anthony) independent publishing company Angel Classics who specialize in just that, Russian, German, Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croat, it's all in there.

    44 entries from December 2007


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