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  • Formerly Se·bas·to·pol (sə-băsˈtə-pōlˌ)Sevastopol A city of southern Ukraine in the Crimea on the Black Sea west of Yalta. Founded on the site of an ancient Greek colony, it became Russia's principal Black Sea naval base after the late 18th century. The city resisted lengthy sieges during the Crimean War and World War II. Population: 340,000.

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  • proper n. A port city in the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine, base of the Black Sea Fleet.

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  • n. a city in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea


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Late 18th century. From Ukrainian and Russian Севастополь (Sevastópol’), from Greek Σεβαστόπολις (Sevastopolis) < σεβαστός (sebastós, "august") + πόλις (pólis, "city"), probably after Empress (=Augusta) Catherine II of Russia.


  • He noted that a statement made by Speaker of the Federation Council of Russia Sergey Mironov in which he called Sevastopol a city of "Russian glory" was contrary to historical fact.

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  • Or how the Russian fleet potentially threatened vital shipping through the Suez from their base in Sevastopol?

    Matthew Yglesias » Strategic Significance

  • Mentioning Sevastopol is beside the point – Crimea was never historically part of Ukraine, and is only part of Ukraine now because Khruschev made a stupid mistake.

    Matthew Yglesias » Strategic Significance

  • At the same time, a provocation such as a murder of Russian sailors or a blow-up of a Russian warship will be organized in Sevastopol, the result being a civil war in Ukraine and a direct military conflict between the country and Russia.

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  • Meanwhile, on one side, the leader of the breakaway Georgian territory of Abkhazia said he would invite Russia to establish a naval base there, and on the other, Ukranian President Viktor Yushchenko said he would open negotiations with Moscow on raising the rent on the Russian naval base at Sevastopol, which is in Crimea, a predominantly Russian province of Ukraine.

    Financial Disclosure

  • He accused Ms. Kurylenko of betraying her homeland and wanting “Crimean girls to be raped by cruel and stupid American marines,” an apparent reference to the Ukraine-Russia dispute over Russia’s Crimean Black Sea Fleet HQ in Sevastopol.

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  • Tolstoi's "Sevastopol," where the great novelist stripped warfare of all its sentiment and patriotic glitter, and revealed its dull, sordid misery as well as its hellish tragedies.

    Essays on Russian Novelists

  • There is little patriotic feeling in "Sevastopol," and its success was artistic rather than political.

    Essays on Russian Novelists

  • Tolstoi mentions the same event in "Sevastopol," and his version of it would have pleased Owen Wister's Virginian more than Browning's.

    Essays on Russian Novelists

  • "No other modern book approaches 'Sevastopol' in the completeness and directness with which it unveils the realities of war.

    Tolstoy on Shakespeare A Critical Essay on Shakespeare


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