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  • adj. In the style of William Shatner, particularly in overacting or singing


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Shatner +‎ -esque


  • A friend would later remark that my interpretation of the first verse was 'Shatneresque'.

    Feeling Listless - "Taking the credit for your second symphony."

  • Oh, and I forgot to say that there was a Kirk/Shatneresque quality to the hippie Jesus guy's pose, too.

    My Neighbor Buddha

  • You know I have a thing for Shelley Winters and other Shatneresque types--people who, as Fellini said of Mastroianni, enjoy their pasta; but I never knew anything about Winters's life.

    Shelley Winters, A Belle with Balls

  • It's moot, of course, but Seth Rogan meets many of the criteria to portray a William Shatneresque Captain Kirk.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Every once in a while, miraculously, a George Clooney will claw his way up to movie stardom, but most of the time, stars, like water, have a way of finding their own level, which is why David Caruso has become the most outrageously Shatneresque of television hams.

    How Studio Stars Got Their Twinkle

  • There's the Shatneresque decision to make a slightly-but-not-really pisstake film called Snakes On A Plane about some snakes on a plane, for example, or the way that he's starting to send up his hardman image in career missteps like The Man.

    Eminem Was Almost In Jumper, Apparently

  • Symptoms of sinister green bubble wrap infection include extreme overacting, dramatic posing, and Shatneresque speech patterns.

    EN World D&D / RPG News

  • I find him an insufferable fellow, but I have to say he looks pretty good in the Enterprise get-up - I like a little more Shatneresque static cling around the nipples myself, but he certainly wears it better than, say, Arlen Specter would.

    The Corner

  • But even Pine is given a Shatneresque "Bones" boom when he takes the bridge near the end of the film.

    Edward Champion's Reluctant Habits


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