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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Gilbert Sheldon (1598–1677), Archbishop of Canterbury and university chancellor, who provided financial backing for the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.


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Sheldon +‎ -ian


  • One day my new student, Sebastian Bonhoeffer, asked me if I would like to go to a concert in the Sheldonian Theatre, a seventeenth-century building by Christopher Wren that is one of the architectural jewels of Oxford.


  • On the uncomfortable wooden seats of the Sheldonian, my whole life unfolded.


  • It's not clear that such ventriloquism is precisely what the graduate voters of Oxford want to see in the Sheldonian, but perhaps Hill or Haldane don't have the job in the bag quite yet.

    Vietnam still sells, especially when coupled to old publishing practices

  • U.K. on May 30: His Holiness will give a public talk at the Sheldonian Theatre on the wider understanding of the Buddhist tradition.


  • Philip Pullman, addressing an audience at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, was asked about whether his latest book, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, was offensive.

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  • Instead, sitting in the Sheldonian Theatre last night, where England's first Queen Elizabeth once bestowed awards on subjects who pleased her, I watched this year's Skoll Foundation Award recipients graciously accept the recognition bestowed on them and realized that my work had been done for me.

    Julia Moulden: What Does the Future Look Like?

  • As former Irish president Mary Robinson told the opening plenary session in Wren's 17th century Sheldonian hall, entrepreneurs can and should "come to the recognition that government matters."

    Tom Watson: At Skoll's Annual Oxford Confab, Capitalism In Shift

  • The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford is an astonishing building, designed by Christopher Wren.

    The man who saved Oxford University

  • The Bodleian Library, next to the Sheldonian, is one of the great libraries of the world.

    The man who saved Oxford University

  • Athalia was first performed in Oxford, at the Sheldonian Theatre, during summer 1733, when Handel visited the city and, according to reports, turned down an honorary doctorate.

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