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  • proper n. A series of novels by Arthur Conan Doyle about a male consulting detective with astute logical reasoning and professional forensic skills, and related media based on the books, such as movies.
  • proper n. The fictional detective who is the protagonist of the series.
  • proper n. By extension, any person who has or is considered to have great powers of observation and deduction.


From Sherlock and Holmes. (Wiktionary)


  • In my living room I sat reading a one-volume complete Sherlock Holmes which I generally picked up whenever I had nothing else to read.

    Time and Again

  • This story is also part ofthe collected volume of Adventures called The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (first publishedas a volume in 1893.) Spell-check and verification made against printed text using WordPerfect spellchecker

    The Adventure of the Final Problem

  • So, here he was, Sherlock Holmes on his own again with the dubious assistance of an unlikely trio of Irregulars: a cadaverous Pinkerton who ought to be abed, a diminutive Chinese bookseller with a wide knowledge of arcane topics, and a red-headed modern-day barrow-boy trying out for a part in one of Conan Doyle's bits of airy nonsense.

    Locked Rooms

  • February-March 1995 Kelly Tetterton divided the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes into discrete stories; added header; updated tags; added pagination; added illustrations:

    A Case of Identity

  • I watched him as his long fingers caressed the much-travelled envelope and his eyes drew significance from every smudge, every characteristic of paper and ink and stamp, and it occurred to me suddenly that Sherlock Holmes was bored.

    A Letter of Mary

  • The Hawkins daftness is only a Sherlock Holmes novel.

    The Great California Game

  • She continued to read to him almost every evening, just as she had been doing from the time he had come to live with her, stories of adventure and suspense like Sherlock Holmes and Tom Sawyer, as well as poetry—Paul Laurence Dunbar and Langston Hughes and many others.

    Forged By Fire

  • Margery Childe, Veronica Beaconsfield, Miles Fitzwarren, and Sherlock Holmes were in a box labelled london, and this short train journey should serve to close the top on it and place it, albeit temporarily, on a shelf.

    A Monstrous Regiment of Women

  • I had met Sherlock Holmes at a time when adolescence and the devastating circumstances of my orphaning had left me with an exterior toughness and an interior that was malleable to the personality of anyone willing to listen to me and take me seriously.

    A Monstrous Regiment of Women

  • Bob had called not only to share what had happened at the International Sherlock Holmes Conference but also to tell me about a curious synchronicity involving the flag of Saskatchewan, Canada, of which Regina is the capital.

    The Sacred Promise


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