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  • proper n. A surname.


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From Japanese しばさき (柴埼, 柴崎).


  • Yes, the characters of Shinkai (Kimura) and Ogawa (Shibasaki) do indeed fall in love with each, and they have good chemistry, etc, etc.

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  • He saw them clearly for the first time now: Jahein, grizzled and watchful, with a raincoat slung over his arm to conceal the Uzi, the Englishman, spare, sandy-haired; and the third man, Middle Eastern, carrying a long, shallow black suitcase: that would be the Shibasaki telescopic microphone.

    The Alamut Ambush

  • But until they knew for certain they were all at risk now … and they needed him to operate the Shibasaki microphone –

    The Alamut Ambush

  • But recently translated Japanese war records reveal that Shibasaki was killed by the initial naval bombardment, slaughtered out in the open with most of his staff while they were moving from one bunker to another.

    The Story of World War II

  • Their rear admiral in command at the atoll Keijo Shibasaki is known to have stated that the invading Americans faced certain annihilation, for “a million men could not take Tarawa.”

    The Story of World War II

  • His house destroyed, rice farmer Shinichi Shibasaki lives on a square of blue tarp on the top floor of a farming cooperative office with others like him.

    The Full Feed from

  • But as the series progresses, Shibasaki shows a keen insight into the goings-on of both the Library Defense Force and the Media Cleansing

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  • Shibasaki, seems at first to be simply a girly-girl who is only concerned with her appearance and Kasahara's lack of romantic partners.

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  • But sources say that they have both been so busy with work that they drifted apart and finally broke up at the end of last year. 2009 was a particularly busy year for Shibasaki, who made the movie "Shokudo Katatsumuri" (in theaters from February 6), the Fuji TV special drama "Wagaya no Rekishi" (on air this spring) and went to Scandanavia to shoot the photo book "0805."

    Japan Zone - Entertainment News from Japan

  • I would watch 26 episodes of a Shibasaki spinoff, even if Kasahara wouldn't be too pleased about it.

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