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  • n. The religion or doctrines of the Shiites.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The body of principles or doctrines of the Shiahs.

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  • n. the branch of Islam that regards Ali as the legitimate successor to Mohammed and rejects the first three caliphs


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  • When asked about the success and dynamism of student movements, Soroush quoted Ali Shariati, that key pre-Revolution ideologue whose work inspired so many to resist the Shah in the name of Shiism.

    Let the Swords Encircle Me

  • But at a time when many here believe that Iran, and by extension its brand of Shiism, is under threat by the West, the Mahdi can be a useful symbol for the government to rally the people.

    Iranian ‘cult’ of imam sparks controversy

  • “We are witnessing a new cult in Shiism whose leaders claim to be connected to the imam,” says one regime insider.

    Iranian ‘cult’ of imam sparks controversy

  • So are the people of Bahrain, not in the name of Shiism, but for the same reasons as Arabs elsewhere. - Home Page

  • The most extreme example of this was in Persia, where the austere monotheism of Mohammed was transmuted into the elaborate mystical cult known as Shiism, which presently cut the

    The New World of Islam

  • During the Safavid dynasty in the 16th and 17th centuries, the form of Islam called Shiism was the state religion, and the clergy had unlimited power in every sphere of life.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • Most significantly, the majority of the population is Sunni Muslim, but Assad and the ruling elite belong to the minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiism.

    Syria lifts emergency laws but protesters unimpressed

  • At least 14 Iranian "Islamic Cultural Centres" have opened across Syria, and hundreds of mullah missionaries have been sent to introduce Iranian-style Shiism to Syrians.

    The Tehran-Damascus Axis

  • Most Iranian women do not wear the chador (the all-embodying hejab commonly associated with Shiism).

    Shirin Sadeghi: Women and Style in Iran

  • The Shiism that straddles the boundaries of the two countries divides them as well.

    What Obama Left Behind in Iraq


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