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  • n. Plural form of Shiite.


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  • Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman Helsinki, FinlandThe intro to your article "Shiite Rising," in which you call Shiites a potential "ally," is naive at best and must clearly have been written before the outcome of Iran's elections were known to you.


  • Scott Nelson for The Wall Street Journal In Iraq, a major political struggle among Shiites is one of the biggest obstacles to the formation of a new government since a March 2010 election.

    Shiites Split in Iraq

  • What about McCain’s continuing befuddlement over matters of great import (confusing Sunnis and Shiites is just one example of many)?

    The Early Word: Going Negative - The Caucus Blog -

  • But certainly the parts about the Shiites is true, as well as the other dynamics that you described (I’ve discussed the same aspects on numerous occasions).

    Matthew Yglesias » Civil War

  • This kind of behavior is especially shocking coming from so-called Shiites who have made a religion out of mourning!

    Setareh Sabety: Last Drop

  • Metawali A derogatory term for Shiites, dating back to Ottoman times, and often used among Lebanese Shiites as a form of bonding.

    Day of Honey

  • To be clear - Sunni religious jurisprudence labels Shiites as apostates and heretics and this is siezed upon by extremists like AQ.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • The Shiites are the biggest of Lebanon's several religious sects, and most of them vote for Hezbollah.

    Iran's Turmoil Opens Rift Among Shiites Across Mideast

  • For hundreds of years the Sunnis were top dogs and the Shiites were the underclass: not solid, not business-like, too mystical, too influenced by the Persians next door.

    Iraqis Say Get Out of Iraq!

  • For example, recently an influential Saudi cleric Sheikh Abdel-Rahman al-Barrak issued a Fatwa calling the Shiites infidels.

    Iran vs. Saudi Arabia


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