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  • proper n. A male given name


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Transliteration of Hebrew שִׁמְשׁוֹן


  • He commanded the death squad IDF "Shimshon" Unit in Gaza under another IDF war criminal, Col. Avi Levy.

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • Abraham and Sarah represent God-serving universal benevolence, wrote the 19th century thinker Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch.

    Rabbi Yonah Bookstein: Don't Be Afraid Of People In Tents -- Learn From Them

  • Also known as Shimshon and described in the Book of Judges, chapters 13-16.

    Five Butt-Kicking Biblical Heroes | myFiveBest

  • Whatever its etymology, her name is a wordplay on Hebrew layla, “night,” for as the night overcomes the mighty sun (the name Samson, Shimshon, is related to “sun,” shemesh), so Delilah overcomes the apparently invincible strong man, Samson.

    Delilah: Bible.

  • She met Gusta Draenger, who was searching for her husband Shimshon, already being held at the Montelupich Prison.

    Hella Rufeisen Sch��pper.

  • She then returned to complete her studies in St. Petersburg where her two siblings, Shimshon (1865 – 1937) and Fania (Fanny Belkind Feinberg, 1860 – 1942), lived with her.

    Olga Belkind-Hankin.

  • Gusta Draenger made her way to Bochnia, near Cracow, where she found Shimshon.

    Gusta Dawidson Draenger.

  • Shimshon asked that his wife be brought and this was done.

    Gusta Dawidson Draenger.

  • Because the Polish fascists were closing in, Gusta and Shimshon decided to contact him and ask for his help in crossing the border.

    Gusta Dawidson Draenger.

  • Like the men of the underground, Gusta Draenger remained in prison from January 18 until April 29, 1943, when she took part in the escape led by Shimshon and Avraham Leibovich (Laban) as they were to be taken to the “Hill of Death” at Płaszów.

    Gusta Dawidson Draenger.


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