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  • proper n. A gigantic winged benevolent creature.


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From Persian سیمرغ (simorğ), from Middle Persian 𐭮𐭩𐭭𐭬𐭥𐭫𐭥 (sēnmurw).


  • [49] It should be remembered that the name Simurgh means "thirty birds."

    Mystics and Saints of Islam

  • The Simargl was depicted as a dog with wings, and the Simurgh was a winged creature like a bird with the head of a dog and claws of a lion.

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  • I don't recall the Simurgh ever panicking; are you sure this isn't someone's slanderous story?

    Question Quest

  • The Simurgh was the largest and oldest of birds, who had seen the destruction and regeneration of the universe three times and was probably good for one or two more times.

    Isle of View

  • The Simurgh was the most knowledgeable bird — and creature-of all time!

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • The Prosecution calls the Simurgh to the Witness Seat. "

    Roc and a Hard Place

  • "Then a voice was heard saying, 'The Majesty of the Simurgh is a sun-resembling mirror; whosoever contemplates Him beholds his own reflection; body and soul see in Him body and soul.

    Mystics and Saints of Islam

  • A quick mythology-related wikipedia search suggests the dog-creature is either a Simargl or Simurgh, of Slavic and Persian mythology respectively.

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  • And many of you join Penny Arcade in the humored prediction that neither adorable little boy nor adorable flying kitty-thing ( "The Giant Man-Eating Eagle Toriko," says RedSwirl; Simurgh or Simargl, asserts Technomancer) can possibly survive until the end of the game -- indicating that lots of you are finding the emotionality a bit forced or predictable.

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  • “Kahramánát” from Kahramán, an old Persian hero who conversed with the Simurgh – Griffon.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night


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