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  • n. One who admires China, its people, or its culture.

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  • n. A person who loves the country, culture, or people of China.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who loves or admires the Chinese; an admirer of the Chinese nation or of Chinese civilization.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Sino- + -phile


  • Just a little technical comment -- the proper term is "Sinophile" rather than "Asiaphile."

    HH Com 201 (197)

  • The original author is the first, translator Wilson is second, and respected traveler, essayist and Sinophile Bill Porter is the last.

    An Ancient Classic Reborn

  • My friend Paul Ross, a Sinophile if there ever was one, was coming to the end of a five-year stint in Shanghai as Director of Corporate Communications for Alcatel Lucent Asia Pacific.

    Stop Yawning and Start Building Trains and Other Infrastructure

  • Unabashed Sinophile that I am (my kung fu noir novels reach deep into Chinese history, see them here) I can't help thinking that the ignominy of the last 150 years will, in the view of future historians, be little more than a blip in China's spectacular run.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: China and the Debt

  • He's so interested in the country that he's sometimes branded a Sinophile (3 mentions).

    Duff McDonald: Hank Paulson, Colored by Numbers

  • Where his father was a Sinophile, the son saw a growing military threat.

    Fishing for a Way to Change the World

  • Even ethnic Chinese and Sinophile foreign netizens proficient in English barely hold their own in online forums.

    Lee Kuan Yew tells China how to play the Western media rules

  • "Don't you think," the Sinophile will begin, and then spout off some simplistic statement about a half-understood fragment of Zen/martial arts/Buddhist philosophy that the Sinophile picked up from a Discovery Channel special, and call upon Sit to confirm it.

    New Year, motivation

  • The FT notes that Mr. Sarkozy's predecessor, Jacques Chirac, was a Sinophile and critic of U.S. foreign policy, and there's "much interest in the degree to which the new president will depart from the Chirac line," especially as Beijing has cooled relations with the other EU powerhouse, Germany, in the wake of Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent meeting with the Dalai Lama.

    Sarkozy, the Yuan,

  • Thanks to his Sinophile father, International Data Group founder and Chairman Patrick McGovern grew up with a deep appreciation for Chinese art and culture.

    IDG Goes To China


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