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  • This zone contains the most luxuriant growth, and is dominated by Dacryodes excelsa, Sloanea spp., and Licania ternatensis.

    Morne Trois Pitons, Dominica

  • The two major warm temperate rain forest associations in the area, substantial areas of which remain in unmodified condition, are a Ceratopetalum - Doryphora sub-alliance and Ceratopetalum/Schizomeria-Argyrodendron/Sloanea sub-alliance.

    Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves, Australia

  • Much of the mature moist forest in this ecoregion is an association of Dacryodes excelsa, Sloanea spp. and Amanoa caribaea.

    Windward Islands moist forests

  • The higher altitude form of subtropical rain forest, with Sloanea woollsii as a prominent species, is found at the heads of sheltered valleys below the plateau to the east of Forbes River.

    Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves, Australia

  • The more extensive of the subtropical rain forest associations are of the cool type characterized by Sloanea woollsii, Dysoxylum fraserianum, Argyrodendron actinophyllum and Ackama paniculata, although stands are restricted to moist aspects in gully heads, protected from fire and on deep, moderately fertile soil.

    Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves, Australia

  • Emergent tree species include booyong (Argyrodendron trifoliolatum), black booyong (A. actinophyllum), figs (Ficus spp.), yellow carrabeen (Sloanea woollsi), and the red cedar (Toona ciliata), which is highly prized for its timber.

    Eastern Australian temperate forests


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