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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Smilacaceae — the greenbriers.


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  • "Smilax," gave a pleasant odour to every meeting-house or church or public hall where the people gathered.

    The Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Gilbert Parker

  • Sites sampled in the past included the following plentiful or notable species: at 250 m, Garcinia intermedia, Pouteria sp. and Schizolobium parahybum; at 450 m, Ardisia tigrina, Pharus cornutus (rare), Smilax subpubescens and Ternstroemia tepezapote; at 600 m, Lobelia and Welfia sp. and Satyria warscewiczii.

    Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, Honduras

  • The middle and lower layers include representatives of the Amaryllidaceae, sedges, and large ferns Angiopteris and Marattia, as well as climbers such as Freycinetia, Gnetum, Mucuna, Bauhinia, Piper, and Smilax.

    Seram rain forests

  • The mountain is dominated by a woodland of wild olive Olea europea and fairly dense maquis of lentisc Pistacia lentiscus with Phillyrea angustifolia and Smilax aspera, also by open maquis with Euphorbia dendroides co-dominant on south-eastern slopes, and Juniperus phoenicea on northern slopes.

    Ichkeul National Park, Tunisia

  • Butea superba, Bauhinia vahlii, and Smilax macrophylla.

    North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests

  • The ground flora consists of grasses such as Digitaria diagonalis, Loudetia simplex, and Themeda triandra, dicotyledonous herbs, ferns (particularly brackenfern Pellaea spp.) and creepers such as Smilax kraussiana.

    Eastern Zimbabwe montane forest-grassland mosaic

  • Lianas are also present, including Clematis cirrhosa, C. flammula, Smilax aspera, Tamus communis, Rubia peregrina, and Bryonia dioica.

    Iberian sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous forests

  • Associated lianas are Clematis cirrhosa, C. flammula, Smilax aspera, Tamus communis, Rubia peregrina, and Bryonia dioica.

    Southwest Iberian Mediterranean sclerophyllous and mixed forests

  • Woody vines increase in abundance, including poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans), greenbriers (Smilax spp.), and trumpet-creeper (Campsis radicans).

    Mississippi lowland forests

  • There is a representative liana layer that includes Lonicera periclymenum subsp. hispanica, Smilax aspera subsp. mauretanica, Rubia peregrina var. longifolia, Hedera helix, H. algeriensis, and a number of Tertiary relicts, such as Prunus lusitanica.

    Mediterranean conifer and mixed forests


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