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  • proper noun A fictional character from the television series Sesame Street, resembling a woolly mammoth without tusks, who until the show's 17th season could only be seen by Big Bird.


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  • As I point out here, people forget Snuffleupagus is one of those “Secret” WH Conversations participant and IMO Obama knew the question/challenge was coming and was well prepared to DEFLECT/DISMISS him on it and the Liberals just ate it up.

    Please read bills before you defend them, Mr. President. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • Miss Snuffleupagus is a inner city black teacher who really seems to understand what's what and takes Lee Jasper to task over his suggestion of black only schools, apartheid in the UK.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • Unlike other editorial word slaves, we won't bother you with requests to see that one Jamie Kennedy movie that none of us want to see (which, to be honest, is all of them), write art reviews, or memorize and file Wm. Steven Humphrey's various sexual safe words (you'll never think of "Snuffleupagus" the same way again).

    Portland Mercury

  • The Flatts are joined on stage by Natasha Beddingfield, a who is wearing Snuffleupagus on her bottom half and just a bra on her top half.

    Country Music Association Awards – live

  • Or Snuffleupagus, Big Bird's imaginary friend, except, apparently, he is no longer invisible.

    Waiting for Big Bird

  • I could understand Katharine's transformation into "Singleholic Katherine Bing"; it came from the same lineage as the meta-Katharine "Miss Snuffleupagus" from her "To Miss With Love" blog.

    The confusing world of Katharine Birbalsingh

  • Or Snuffleupagus, Big Bird's imaginary friend, except, apparently, he is no longer invisible.

    Waiting for Big Bird

  • X Factor contestants about to expose themselves to high definition TV, learn from my mistakes: start bleaching/waxing now before an avalanche of cheery, helpful emails arrives saying, "OMG – You iz well hairy like Snuffleupagus off Sesame Street, innit."

    Slap shtick: How not to put on make-up

  • Katherine had mentioned she blogged anonymously as "Miss Snuffleupagus" – I recall her referring to it in passing as some form of literary endeavour or creative outlet.

    The confusing world of Katharine Birbalsingh

  • Could it be Snuffleupagus, the wide-eyed woolly mammoth?

    Snuffleupagus Google Doodle Next In Sesame Street Anniversary Celebration? (PHOTOS)


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