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  • n. Plural form of Sogdian.


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  • The Sogdians were the first people with a Buddhist population that the Muslims met in their eighth-century expansion into Central Asia.

    The Kalachakra Presentation of the Prophets of the Non-Indic Invaders (Full Analysis)

  • At the foot of the mountains lie a people called the Sogdians, in whose country are two rivers navigable for large vessels, the Araxates and the Dymas, which, flowing among the hills and through the valleys into the open plain, form the extensive Oxian marsh.

    The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus During the Reigns of the Emperors Constantius, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens

  • The Scythians sued for peace, as did the Sogdians, turning over to Alexander any of the officers of Spitamenes remaining in their territory.

    Alexander the Great

  • The Sogdians deserted Spitamenes, as did most of his Bactrian followers, who surrendered themselves to Coenus.

    Alexander the Great

  • These men were so incensed by the raid that they gathered together as many horses as they could find and set off to attack the Sogdians.

    Alexander the Great

  • When the Sogdians heard that Alexander was in their country, they began to have second thoughts about Bessus.

    Alexander the Great

  • His physicians patched the wound as best they could, then the king struggled back to the mountain and directed the fight until his men finally took the high ground and killed most of the Sogdians.

    Alexander the Great

  • Instead of chasing the Sogdians across the plains with his entire army, he divided his troops into five fast-moving divisions so that he could strike the enemy in multiple places at the same time.

    Alexander the Great

  • One of the defenders, the Lycian diplomat Pharnuches, chased him for many miles, but failed to appreciate that he was now on the steppes where the Sogdians were trained from childhood to fight.

    Alexander the Great

  • The king was still far away, but Craterus set out after Spitamenes when he heard about the ambush and chased the Sogdians and their Scythian allies out into the steppes.

    Alexander the Great


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