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  • proper n. A computer puzzle game, devised in 1980 and frequently reimplemented, in which the player must push boxes to designated locations under a set of movement constraints.


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Japanese 倉庫番 ("warehouseman")


  • The game plays similar to the old school transport puzzle title Sokoban (and probably where its name was derived from as well).

    PlayStation 3

  • One of the biggest sources of new levels is Pasi Kallinen, who has written a range of patches that include new versions of levels such as Sokoban, Medusa, Castle, and other levels.


  • This isn't going to happen in an environment dominated by mouse-avoiders and Sokoban clones.

    Free Flash Fallacy

  • We spent most of yesterday playing life-sized Sokoban in our apartment, sorting through old paper and rearranging books in the shelves.

    Medieval February

  • One of the best, most original games of all time was Sokoban – the 26-year-old game where you had to push a box around a warehouse.

    SLACKERJACK – Bugatron Worlds

  • And Wonderland Secret Worlds is one of the best Sokoban rip-offs we've ever played.

    SLACKERJACK – Bugatron Worlds

  • When I'm done with the Writing Stuff part of my brain, I activate the Other Stuff part of my brain: the Other Stuff I've been digging on recently when I'm not getting wasted by a freakin' OWLBEAR when I'm two freaking moves away from beating Sokoban is web development.

    WIL WHEATON dot NET: 1.5: January 2004 Archives

  • Connection Road is a Sokoban-style puzzler created by Japanese developer D. K and his friends, where the objective is to collect all diamonds in a stage so that you may progress to the next.

    Gamasutra Feature Articles

  • Professor When is a free and fun Sokoban clone written in Python and PyGame.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Sokoban but I'm always delighted when my character can actually pull things as well as push them.

    Jay is Games


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