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  • proper n. A Chinese dynasty that lasted from 960–1279 CE.


Mandarin 宋朝 (Sòng Cháo). (Wiktionary)


  • In 1280 AD, the Mongolians destroyed the Song Dynasty and controlled China during the Yuan Dynasty 1280AD -1368 AD.

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  • Chinese ding-ware porcelain bottle (far left) with iron-tinted pigment under a transparent colorless glaze, 11th century, Song Dynasty - Business News

  • According to historical records, it was made of earth at the very beginning and was expanded in the year 1113 of the Song Dynasty and reinforced with bricks. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • China is conquered by the Jurchens under the Jin Dynasty, the capital of Song Dynasty is moved south from Kaifeng to Hangzhou.

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  • January 23rd, 971 -- The royal war elephant corps of the Southern Hans are defeated soundly by the crossbowmen of the Song Dynasty.

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  • It was dark in Hangzhou, former home of the Song Dynasty in Southern China.


  • Competition was keen from the start, but became intolerable by the end of the Song Dynasty.

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  • The Gongfu tea custom in the Chaoshan region dates back to as early as the Song Dynasty and has been further developed through the years.

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  • According to Sushi's Book Notes of the Drunken Bai House (Zuibaitangji), Han Qi, the prime minister of Song Dynasty, adored Li's free and leisure with hobbies of drink and poem, so Han built the Drunken Bai House in his hometown Anyang, Henan Province.


  • Guardian set a new record, albeit it only briefly held, for Chinese calligraphy with the sale of the Song Dynasty work Writings by Prominent Personages by several artists, including Zhu Xi and Zhang Jingxiu, which sold for $14. 7m.

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