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  • Sophistry is not a light matter, especially if it advocates dangerous or antisocial behavior.

    I am Not as Turned On, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • STRANGER: Then that part of the acquisitive art which exchanges, and of exchange which either sells a man’s own productions or retails those of others, as the case may be, and in either way sells the knowledge of virtue, you would again term Sophistry?

    The Sophist

  • Well, I think your point about what the Greeks called Sophistry is well taken and my father, whom I love and respect and like, is a lawyer.

    On a side note -- Lawyers.

  • And so, from division comes purification; and from this, mental purification; and from mental purification, instruction; and from instruction, education; and from education, the nobly-descended art of Sophistry, which is engaged in the detection of conceit.

    The Sophist

  • STRANGER: Then now, Theaetetus, his art may be traced as a branch of the appropriative, acquisitive family — which hunts animals, — living — land — tame animals; which hunts man, — privately — for hire, — taking money in exchange — having the semblance of education; and this is termed Sophistry, and is a hunt after young men of wealth and rank — such is the conclusion.

    The Sophist

  • "Sophistry," and which consists in making up "systems" to explain the world; in contrast with Philosophy which aims at the answering of questions, the solution of problems and the final establishment of the truth.

    The Free Press

  • "Sophistry," retorted the German, picking up the gauntlet; "there have been a good many things said here to-night which sound well but won't stand fire.

    The Pagans

  • Sophistry aside, it doesn't seem likely to me that the solution to excessive spending is more excessive spending.

    Getting Out From Under Our Federal Debt

  • Sophistry has rarely been as nakedly and stupidly paraded. the other scott Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » George Will Loves Recycling

  • Sophistry: an argument apparently correct in form but actually invalid, especially such an argument used to deceive.”

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