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South Sea Bubble


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  • Now known as the South Sea Bubble, the speculation ended when the stocks price fell 84 percent.5

    Rescue Your Money

  • At this time the famous “boom” known as the South Sea Bubble was at the height of its brief career.

    Lady Mary Wortley Montague

  • -- The "South Sea Bubble," as it is generally called, was a financial scheme which occupied the attention of prominent politicians, communities, and even nations in the early part of the eighteenth century.

    Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889

  • As the world awaits the details of the grand plan hatched by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy over the weekend, one can't help but be reminded of the South Sea Bubble.

    Is It a Euro Bazooka Or a Damp Squib?

  • Supposing you never studied a contrary theory called "the risky shift", and can jettison all thoughts of tulip mania and the South Sea Bubble, not forgetting more recent memories of Princess Diana's obsequies, online bullying, Jedward and destructive Twitter mobs, Surowiecki's is an appealing proposal, nicely demonstrated by new pressure groups such as 38 Degrees, and indeed by Twitter, when the crowd is being witty, kind and constructive.

    This is a platform for hysteria rather than people power | Catherine Bennett

  • The South Sea Company, a government sponsored entity with a monopoly on trade, caused the South Sea Bubble in 1720.

    Lessons of a Dow Decade

  • What amazes me more than any spectacle of boom-and-bust is our capacity as a species to witness speculative bubbles inflating and bursting—or, to have read about the most notorious case studies, such as tulipomania or the South Sea Bubble—and yet fail to remember the inevitable outcomes.

    The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns

  • Between 2003 and 2007, the largest firms in global finance engaged in a protracted display of recklessness and irresponsibility, of morally hazardous behavior, not seen since the South Sea Bubble and the heyday of John Law, and probably never by institutions with such standing, dignity and presumptive responsibility — and systemic centrality.

    The Great Geithner Giveaway, Part II

  • And the collapse of this greatest global Ponzi scheme since the South Sea Bubble has taken world markets with it.

    Max Keiser: Pumping and Dumping the 401(k) Crowd

  • Sadly, and despite Brown's risible claims to saviour status, there's no sign of a latter-day equivalent to Robert Walpole, who picked up the pieces after the South Sea Bubble.

    Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege


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