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South Sea Islands


from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. any islands in the southern or southwestern of central parts of the Pacific Ocean


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  • The South Sea Islands are the real home of the fruit.

    A Woman's Journey Round the World

  • It has been said that the greatest curse to each of the South Sea Islands was the first man who discovered it; and every one who knows anything of the history of our commerce in those parts knows how much truth there is in this; and that the white men, with their vices, have brought in diseases before unknown to the islanders, which are now sweeping off the native population of the Sandwich Islands at the rate of one fortieth of the entire population annually.

    Two Years Before the Mast

  • Mind you, he had been to most of the South Sea Islands on his explorations with Captain James Cook; so to say she was the finest was saying a lot.

    Under a Maui Moon

  • "" There is not a cannibal in the South Sea Islands, '' he wrote, "" whose indignation would not arise and overboil at the recital of that which has been done, which has too late been examined, but which remains unavenged. ''

    Cheers And Jeers

  • Though the islanders still kept active working the surrounding ocean for food, the quads led to a serious increase in obesity — and diabetes, the scourge of the South Sea Islands.

    Trouble in Paradise

  • I personally doubt if the effect is even as much as 0.16 C but clearly the people saying that have much more in common with my view that it is unimportant than with those who threaten increases of 3 C, 8 C, 11 C, 300 ft sea level rises, Norfolk being underwater by 2026, Holland by 2007, Antarctica being the "only habitable continent", South Sea Islands having already been evacuated & similar hysteria.

    The Great Global Warming Inconvenient Truth

  • The Abramoff affair takes powerful officials from Capitol Hill to the South Sea Islands, where they learn about the previously unknown virtues of sweatshops.

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: Abramoff Fed Washington's Outstretched Hands

  • I see no reason to doubt that blondes or blonds cd be the result of sexual selection - if I remember right, there are blondes in the South Sea Islands too.

    No wonder people misunderstand evolution - The Panda's Thumb

  • South Sea Islands, in India, along much of the coast of Africa, and in the ports of China and Japan, is still to be heard, in its home country, in half a hundred varying stages of transition.

    Memories and Portraits

  • I have come direct from one of the South Sea Islands via Honolulu and San Francisco, and have not yet been in England forty-eight hours.

    John Caldigate


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