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  • n. Intuition, instinct.


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From the superpower of the fictional character Spider-Man.


  • It seems to me that, even with his realism mods, he's running up against immersion-breaking experiences at every turn -- the highwayman who ignores him one day and robs him the next, the mudcrabs and wolves that have lockpicks embedded in them, the place names that pop up via "Spidey-sense" before you see a sign or anything, etc.

    More proof of the versatility of 'Obilivion'

  • Uh-oh Spidey… I bet your Spidey-sense is tingling right about now.

    Marvel Sneak Peek: Avengers: The Initiative #3 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • And I'm aware that the person next to me may use the same Spidey-sense but get very different information from it and may choose a very different response as the considered one.

    The Sacred Domain

  • Having said that, one detail from the article caught my attention and started my Spidey-sense tingling:

    A dangerous gambit

  • It turns out my Spidey-sense was on the money, and this seemingly innocuous name-drop really does portend bigger, more worrisome things to come.

    Quentin Tarantino and the "Southern"

  • Spiderman his "Spidey-sense" told him someone was coming up on him and BAM!

    Batman vs Spiderman

  • First, to all of you who think that the Spidey-sense is Spider-man's greatest asset...are wrong.

    Batman vs Spiderman

  • Even if it's not racist, it sets off the 'taking it too far' Spidey-sense enough that I just can't comfortably read the material.

    what's true - Anil Dash

  • "Spidey-sense is tingling," he said, as he killed his lights and crept forward to the dumpster.

    Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

  • Maybe we should thank Bernie Madoff for triggering a similar "Spidey-sense" when we're shopping for financial products and advice. Headlines


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