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  • proper noun Hinduism Name of Hindu god Vishnu.
  • proper noun A male given name commonly used in India.


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From Sanskrit श्री (śrī) + हरि (hari)


  • The film stars included such Congress loyalists such as Srihari and Dharmavarapu Subhramanyam along with newbie's Tarun,

  • And Srihari and Sumana, a married couple who came to the United States eight years ago from Bangalore, India, expressed hope that Obama could ease the racial discrimination they'd seen in New York City.

    Kelly Nuxoll: Supporters Respond to Obama's Message of Unity and Change

  • "The moment someone proves themselves better than Google, people will switch in a heartbeat," Srihari says.

    Searching For The Best Engine

  • Srihari admitted that the task ahead is monumental.

    Digitally Detecting Forgeries

  • "I believe a computer can be more precise in making all kinds of measurements in handwriting that a human examiner might ignore or find too tedious," said Srihari.

    Digitally Detecting Forgeries

  • This project will attempt the precise opposite in its approach to handwriting recognition, said Srihari.

    Digitally Detecting Forgeries

  • Computer scientist Rohini Srihari says existing computer translators for Urdu are often too literal.

    NPR Topics: News

  • "So in Twitter posts and tweets and so on, if there's specific factual information that's being mentioned - they want that extracted," Srihari says.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Srihari says the computer allows her to mine the Internet.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Rohini Srihari acknowledges that the program isn't perfect.

    NPR Topics: News


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