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  • A former name for Africa, so used because its hinterland was largely unknown and therefore mysterious to Europeans until the 19th century. Henry M. Stanley was probably the first to use the term in his 1878 account Through the Dark Continent.


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  • Is Sienna vital for the future of the Psy-Net - she already showed some skills in StS to help Sascha and, as I understood it, the Lauren-Net was her idea.

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  • Remember, in StS, Lucas could sense when Sascha was using her abilities - that comes from his own Psy ancestors.

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  • My next question is about Lucas, in StS he said that his (grandmother?? great-grandmother??) was a psy, what was her designation and gradient level and was she still alive when silence was implemented?

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  • It's awesome for me when the world itself creates conflict for the characters (StS is a perfect example of this) In the best paranormals, the characters behave exactly the way you'd expect them to given the world they inhabit.

    Paranormal Romances

  • Will the wildcat that worked for Lucas in StS (I can't remember her name right now) have her own story?

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • I have been intrigued by Sienna and her abilities since meeting her in StS.

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  • Huntsville asked who was in charge, no one answered. on StS 107 what happened to the ET tank video, it was never downlinked. the SSP "program" ignored the PRA, just like CxP is doing this.

    Minor Damage Seen on Atlantis - NASA Watch

  • StS by Nalini, but then I have to keep going through the rest of the series to date!!!

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  • And YEH!! for StS, I'll be getting the ebook version as well.

    Thank you & Branded By Fire Blurb

  • And I love that the StS cover model has slashes on his face.

    Cover Goodness!


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