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  • proper noun historical Volgograd (from 1925 to 1961).

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  • noun a city in the European part of Russia on the Volga; site of German defeat in World War II in the winter of 1942-43


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  • According to John Erickson, the leading historian of Stalingrad, "the full significance of Stalingrad… cannot be grasped without understanding the role of Operation Mars," which was "deliberately misrepresented by Zhukov himself" and is now the subject of "Glantz's indispensable account."

    The Stalingrad Front

  • Once you know that, Stalingrad is a whole lot easier to understand.

    This is Your War on Drugs « Isegoria

  • Buddy, you would not know what the hell is toughness, unless you were vietnamese or a russian in Stalingrad, just mention some … they were fighting for freedom from an invading army.

    Think Progress » BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Bush Overstepped His Authority At Guantanamo

  • He found the story of a duel between a Russian sniper named "The Hare," who was their best, and taught a school for Russian snipers in Stalingrad - and Torvald, a German Sniper that was the headmaster of the Nazi SS sniper school in Berlin.

    The War of the Rats - and a short update

  • For you must know that no Russian soldier grappling with the Huns in Stalingrad, no armchair critic anywhere, is nearly as anxious to see us attack Hitler's main armies in Europe as are our and your fine troops after two years of training in Britain.

    Dunkirk to Dieppe and Beyond

  • I’m of course happy the Germans lost WWII, but the transformation of the beautiful royal East Prussian capital of Konigsberg into a poor’s man Stalingrad is still painful.

    Matthew Yglesias » Goldberg: The Middle East Is Complicated and It’s All the Arabs’ Fault

  • The city used to be called Stalingrad, and the inhabitants have never believed in surrendering.

    The New 'Silk Road' Of Death

  • It ` s still got a very strong communist faithful following there, much more than in many other cities, and most people there would like it to be called Stalingrad again.

    The Mystery Of Olga Chekhova

  • From Volgograd-which at that time was called Stalingrad, I do not know what it is called now; I think that the Volga

    Castro Speech at ANPP Closing Session

  • Investigators said the 57-year-old man died on Friday at his home in the city of Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad, RIA Novosti reported. | Top Stories


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