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  • Promoted to Headline (H3) on 3/17/09: The Painful Cost of 'Breed Standards' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'The Painful Cost of \'Breed Standards\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: In an attempt to maintain \'breed standards\ 'for cosmetic appearance, breeders and members of the American Kennel Club routinely mutilate dogs\' ears and tails.

    The Painful Cost of 'Breed Standards'

  • Did you speak to any of the people who worked in Standards and Practices at CBS at the time and were responsible for making the decisions about what the Smothers Brothers were allowed to say and what their guests were allowed to say?

    'The Uncensored Story' Of The Smothers Brothers

  • The Schools our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and "Tougher Standards" is but one of the many terrific books by Alfie Kohn in which he challenges conventional wisdom on sacrosanct topics like homework, grades, standardized testing and rewards with clarity and evidence.

    Gary Stager: Wanna be a School Reformer? You Better do Your Homework!

  • Now that India's Draft Policy on Open Standards is close to finalization, the usual last-minute dramas are on.

    Archive 2009-07-03

  • Standards of care: Formerly known as the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care (HBSOC), the snappily renamed World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care (WPATH SOC) are the most widespread set of standards and guidelines used by professionals for the medical and mental health treatment of transsexuals.

    Trans 101

  • Spacehab Fails to meet NASDAQ Standards is the next entry in this blog.

    Sputnik Thoughts - NASA Watch

  • * Standards: is everyone speaking the same language?

    Eye Forum on Design and Education

  • The purpose of Open Standards is to include and not exclude.

    Archive 2007-08-26

  • You can buy The New Standards from the band's website.

    Let's count the rings around my eyes (Music (For Robots))

  • The New Standards is a project that probably shouldn't work.

    Let's count the rings around my eyes (Music (For Robots))


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