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  • A river, about 1,046 km (650 mi) long, of southeast Brazil emptying into the Atlantic Ocean near Campos.


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  • He's a Stay-At-Home Dad who can't seem to censor himself.

    Andrew Shapter: Stay-At-Home Dad Never Fails To Offend Everyone (WATCH)

  • I was thinking that I could be as good as those Stay-At-Home, PTA Mom's I see on the rare occasion I am able to pick the kids of from school.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • Assemblies Act to make it an offence to encourage or promote the assembly or attendance of a prohibited meeting, in this case the Stay-At-Home.


  • Billy Nair was arrested in June and charged with 'incitement to strike' during the May Stay-At-Home; 15 three hours after the arrest he was given a five-year banning order preventing movement outside Durban magisterial district and not allowing him to enter any factory, African location, hostel or village.


  • While the government and employers were discussing the merits of this policy, the workers themselves were preparing to take action in support of the SACTU/Congress Alliance call for a 3-day Stay-At-Home beginning 14 April


  • In 1961, the workers carried out their most determined and disciplined struggle for increased wages and in that same year brought the factory to a complete standstill during the national Stay-At-Home.

    6.Organize or Starve

  • Despite severe restrictions, which included being allowed by the local authorities to hold only one meeting per month, the GWU mobilized 700 workers for the SACTU National Workers 'Conference which preceded the 1958 Stay-At-Home.

    6.Organize or Starve

  • During the 1961 Stay-At-Home, compound workers in mines, docks and railways were taken to work under armed escort, with military units standing by.

    6.Organize or Starve

  • Records show that the 29-31 May Stay-At-Home was very successful throughout the industries in the Pietermaritzburg area. especially among rubber, garage. railway and municipal workers.

    6.Organize or Starve

  • Immediately following the massacres at Sharpeville (Transvaal) and Langa (Cape), workers in the Western Cape carried out strike action for sixteen days, and in 1961 the national Stay-At-Home was widely supported by Cape Town's Coloured workers.

    6.Organize or Starve


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