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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Johan August Strindberg (1849–1912), Swedish playwright and novelist, or his works.


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Strindberg +‎ -ian


  • Cheever's marriage, which had become Strindbergian in its rancor and spleen, never recovered from the violence and disorder of his decades of drinking.

    John Cheever's Cruel Paradoxes

  • The stage is set for a Strindbergian triangle of sexual gamesmanship, betrayal and emotional revelation as Celia sets about undermining Martin's friendship with Andy.

    Wars Domestic And Military

  • And if we search our souls unsparingly, I fear the result can only be an admission that -- had the needed set of circumstances been provided -- we might have come unpleasantly close to one of those Strindbergian creatures which we are now inclined to reject as unhuman.

    Plays by August Strindberg: Creditors. Pariah.

  • The danger now is allowing the psychic pendulum to perform its usual bipolar trick by swinging instantly from Strindbergian despair to (Kris) news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • A Strindbergian marital drama, it features Dinsdale Landen and Edward Fox as Bob and Pip, old army friends; the latter, a bachelor, has come to spend Christmas at the marital home of his friend, a pub landlord.

    Media news, UK and world media comment and analysis |

  • Strindbergian evenings send punters home to sup on roll mops at the back of the fridge, whereas comedies will keep the crowds up and eating.


  • What do they really mean?), what's left out of the usual equation that types Pinter's plays is the strange, loopy hilarity that builds up-or explodes-from the exchanges, Strindbergian monologues (when another's listening) and occasional soliloquies.

    The Berkeley Daily Planet, The East Bay's Independent Newspaper


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