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  • Pertaining to, or characteristic of, Stromboli or its eruptions.

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  • adjective Of, or pertaining to, the island or volcano of Stromboli.
  • adjective Describing a volcanic eruption characterized by a fiery fountain of lava from a single, central crater


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Stromboli +‎ -ian


  • The constant activity, also known as Strombolian, is not considered dangerous.

    24 September 1986

  • The volcano lent its name to a particular type of eruption, called Strombolian eruptions, which are mild eruptions spaced at regular intervals.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • They both have a typical eruption activity respectively called Vulcanian and Strombolian in the international terminology.

    Aeolian Islands, Italy

  • With their scientific study from at least the 18th Century, the islands have provided two of the types of eruptions (Vulcanian and Strombolian) to vulcanology and geology textbooks and so have featured prominently in the education of all geoscientists for over 200 years.

    Aeolian Islands, Italy

  • Following the end of an explosive stage about 7,200 years ago, construction of the present edifice began, characterized by Strombolian, hawaiian, and infrequent subplinian eruptions.

    Volcanic Activity Appears To Be Working It's Way Around The "Ring of Fire"

  • The islands have provided two of the types of eruptions (Vulcanian and Strombolian) to vulcanology and geology.

    Aeolian Islands, Italy

  • I'd seen Strombolian activity the week before and did not see how the situation could worsen.

    24 September 1986

  • Intermittent Strombolian activity had ended, and a very atypical (for Etna) Hawaiian lava fountain had begun.

    24 September 1986

  • Giovanni insisted that there was no danger of landslides and that we were at a safe distance from which to view the Strombolian activity, should any develop.

    24 September 1986

  • Giovanni walked as far as the rim and reported that the Strombolian cinder cone had disappeared completely during the lava eruption and had collapsed back into the vent.

    24 September 1986


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