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  • proper n. Sunda Islands, a group of islands in the western part of the Malay archipelago
  • proper n. Sunda Strait, the strait between Java and Sumatra
  • proper n. Sunda Shelf, part of the continental shelf of Southeast Asia
  • proper n. Sundaland, a biogeographical region of Southeastern Asia
  • proper n. a kingdom that existed in west part of Java island from the 7th century to the 16th century
  • proper n. the Sundanese people
  • proper n. the language of the Sundanese
  • proper n. the Sundanese script
  • proper n. Sunda Kommuna, a municipality in the Faroe Islands
  • proper n. a clan (gotra) of Jats in India
  • proper n. a clan (gotra) of Nath in India
  • proper n. an Asura brother of Upasunda


Indonesian Pasundan ("West Java") (Wiktionary)



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