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  • Thus far, then, the _Dictum_ is wholly analytic or verbal, expressing no more than is implied in the definitions of 'Syllogism' and 'Middle

    Logic Deductive and Inductive

  • The Rack is also a kind of Syllogism which has been used with good Effect, and has made

    The Spectator, Volume 2.

  • -- Ed. [8] "Syllogism," a form of reasoning, consisting of three propositions, having this property; that the conclusion necessarily follows from the two premises: so that if the first and second be granted, the conclusion must be granted in like manner.

    Works of John Bunyan — Volume 02

  • Syllogism: major premise, a definite and limited amount of bird-meat; minor premise, the only food the mutineers now have is bird-meat; conclusion, destroy the available food and the mutineers will be compelled to come back to duty.


  • He also wrote two textbooks on the categorical syllogism: On the Categorical Syllogism (De syllogismo categorico) and Introduction to Categorical Syllogisms (Introductio ad syllogismos categoricos) (for the texts, see Migne 1847 and Thomsen Thörnqvist 2001).

    The Statue of a Writer

  • But a signifies that b is c, so by (P5), Disjunctive Syllogism, a signifies that a is true. suppose that a signifies that a is false.


  • De Morgan wrote a series of six papers called “On the Syllogism” in the years 1846 to 1863.

    The Algebra of Logic Tradition

  • Syllogism? tears are to gender card as assasination comments are to race card?

    "Some people compare one of the other candidates to John F. Kennedy. But he was assassinated."

  • Here is what he says in the Syllogism of the Cure, written about midway through his career:

    Arabic and Islamic Philosophy of Language and Logic

  • Syllogism helps little in demonstration, less in probability.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding


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