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  • n. Electromagnetic waves with frequencies intermediate between, and sharing properties of both, short radio waves and long IR optical waves. This region is defined variously as between 0.1 - 10 THz, 0.3-3 THz or 0.3-30 THZ.


The letter T- from TeraHertz (THz). (Wiktionary)


  • Firing up the T-ray scanner, she marveled at what a great piece of equipment it was.

    The Athena Project

  • Tracy studied the object in front of her as she assembled a portable Terahertz Radiation, or T-ray, scanner.

    The Athena Project

  • New terahertz "T-ray" cameras will allow us to see into space and under each others 'clothes.

    Boing Boing: June 16, 2002 - June 22, 2002 Archives

  • "By turning this, a shutter is raised that permits radiations from element 93 to impinge on the charge, which consists of element 97, thus releasing the deadly T-ray."

    Pirates of Venus

  • I knew that the T-ray was supposedly highly destructive, and so I could not understand why neither ship had been demolished or sunk; but that was because I had not yet learned that all the vital parts of the ships were protected by a thin armor of the same metal of which the large guns were composed, the only substance at all impervious to the T-ray.

    Pirates of Venus

  • She didn't drop far enough to be in range of any r-ray or T-ray guns they might have trained on the ship, for I had warned her against this.

    Carson of Venus

  • Beyond the lines of the investing forces we flew over their main camp, beyond which a broad highway led toward the southwest, from which direction troops were marching toward the camp; and there were long trains of wagons drawn by huge, elephantine animals, and men mounted on strange beasts, and big T-ray guns, and all the other impedimenta of a great army on the march.

    Carson of Venus

  • The Sanarans manufactured both r-ray and T-ray bombs as well as incendiary bombs, and I made almost daily flights over the enemy lines and camp.

    Carson of Venus

  • Terahertz science is a new and growing field, and several research groups are investigating specific protein "T-ray" signatures.

    Technology Review RSS Feeds

  • Belyanin, associate professor in the Texas A&M Physics and Astronomy Department, has collaborated with colleagues at Rice University and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory to publish findings about their T-ray research in the renowned journal Nature Physics.

    Medlogs - Recent stories


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