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  • temporomandibular disorder


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  • Nearly 10 percent of the population suffers from pain in the temporomandibular joint TMJ, so the disease is called TMD.

    You Being Beautiful

  • The most of important of which is an item called the TMD (Time Manipulation Device).

    Your Local Guardian | Wimbledon

  • The gameplay will revolve around a device, known as the TMD


  • temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMD, TMJ syndrome, or TMJ). Alternative Medicine

  • Ltd. ( "TMD") to purchase 100% shares of AFPD Pte., News Articles

  • You get upgrades for your TMD, meaning even more mayhem.

  • Shortly after, he ratcheted up the rhetoric, engaging Russia on TMD plans (01/5/2001).

    Matthew Yglesias » Bush and Asia

  • His enthusiasm for the misguided Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) plan was perceived in Beijing as a policy of containment.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bush and Asia

  • The key object you have to help you in your quest is a Time Manipulation Device (TMD), which ages or renews objects that contain E-99 – thus, you can restore crumpled, rusted crates to their former glory, or crumple them up again, in order to solve accessibility puzzles.


  • The TMD also lets you grab objects and fire them, just like Half-Life 2's gravity gun and, as it upgrades, fire Deadlocks – blue domes in which time slows down for a while.



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