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  • There's More Than One Way To Do It, particularly associated with the Perl programming language.


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  • The interpreter itself is good for it, allowing me to reload bits of code in a slapdash manner, and the TMTOWTDI philosophy behind the language lends itself quite well to applications such as music, where *how* you express yourself is somehow important, as well as the end result.

    Live programming « Alex McLean

  • Its unofficial motto is, "There's More Than One Way To Do It," or "TMTOWTDI," owing to the extreme flexibility of the syntax.

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  • TMTOWTDI - of fl ine or runtime • Works on multiple XSDs (caveat, collisions) pastorize in use pastorize -- mode offline -- style multiple -- destination/tmp/lib/perl

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  • And over time, I became at least functional, though perhaps not idiomatic in Perl (though, because of TMTOWTDI, it's hard to judge that in Perl).

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