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  • n. A program, such as a spell checker or calendar, that remains loaded in memory so that it may be quickly recalled while another program is running, as found in operating systems which do not allow multitasking.

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  • Terminate and Stay Resident — a type of DOS program that can be run all time time, once it is loaded first, even when other programs are running.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

t(erminate and) s(tay) r(esident).


  • The company they founded became known as TSR and Arneson and Gygax collaborated for the next few years.

    Dave Arneson has passed away

  • When I started writing Homeland those many years ago, I called TSR and asked for more material on the drow.

    The seven-part interview series with R.A. Salvatore continues at BSCreview today

  • Ah, a friend forwarded an interview with Gary that you may find interesting – billed as “The Ultimate Interview with Gary Gygax “, you get to hear a lot about the ups and downs at TSR from the ultimate insider!

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  • Starting with the first volume in 1977, it's clear that the Arduin books were Hargrave's hacks to OD&D, a fact not lost on TSR, which issued a cease and desist order because the books used D&D-related trademarks without permission or so I am led to understand.

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  • The median total shareholder return, or TSR, which is the stock-price change plus reinvested dividends, equaled 9% for surveyed businesses.

    Persistent Pay Gains: A Survey Overview

  • Intel's and the comparison group's performance is measured by share price appreciation over the performance period, plus any dividends paid during the performance period "TSR".

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  • Ventas was named the top performing publicly-listed financial company (including banks, insurance companies and REITs) of the decade and ended 2009 with a compound annual total shareholder return ( "TSR") exceeding 35 percent during that period.


  • This is a performance-related share grant plan based on the development of Ahold's Total Shareholder Return ( "TSR") benchmarked against the TSR development of a selected group of 10 companies (including Ahold) with the same core activities as Ahold.

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  • During this five-year period, performance will be measured using the Total Shareholder Return ( "TSR," share price growth and dividends) of the peer group (refer to "Remuneration" section of this Annual Report for the composition of the peer group).

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  • I don't think the guys at TSR would hire you with this resume.

    D&D Character Sheet As Resume


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