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  • proper n. Alternative spelling of Tajik.

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  • n. a landlocked mountainous republic in southeast central Asia to the north of Afghanistan; formerly an Asian soviet


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  • "Tadjik," had remained almost invisible since she had rejoined us this side of the Dandha Presh.

    Water Sleeps

  • Because sitting on COGs (such as they are) is how one militia force controls anothers 'population and the Tadjik and Pashtun don't much like one other, haven't since before Mohammed's boys went blazing thru 1,200 or so years back.

    Comic-Con 08: Awesome Terminator Salvation Updates - Rated R?! «

  • They would require not only astute diplomatic skills that would enable them to bring together Hazara Shiite and Pashtun Sunni, or Uzbek and Tadjik, or any other combination of the myriad of peoples who make up the populace of Afghanistan, but also an understanding of multiple native languages and dialects.

    Our Murderers in the Sky

  • Yes, there are boundary conflicts between Pushtun, Tadjik, Uzbeks, Hazara and Baluch, and there are countless fights between and among tribes in countless valleys.

    Our Record at Nation Building Isn't Very Encouraging

  • In part, such concentration on translation is due also to the emphasis at present laid on the life of outlying regions of the Soviet Union, and the consequent political premium put upon translations from such fashionable languages as Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, Uzbek, Tadjik, at which some of the most gifted Russian authors have tried their hand with brilliant effect and much resultant interregional good will.

    The Arts in Russia Under Stalin

  • His third wife, Danielle died from a brain tumour, and he said he would never marry again, but then met his beautiful Tadjik wife, Mokhiniso, known as Niso, in a branch of WH Smith in Sloane Square sadly, all you single ladies on the prowl for a wealthy, ageing spouse, it no longer exists. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Tadjik told his sister what happened a month later when she visited, and his sister complained publicly and to the prosecutor, she said. Front Page

  • They are far more likely to self-identify first by their ethnicity (Pashtu, Hazara, Tadjik, Baloch, etc), and then by their religious outlook.

    The Torch


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