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  • n. a turn made in skiing; the outside ski is placed ahead and turned gradually inwards


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  • After Lews Therin Telemark (known for his cross-country skiing) goes batshit, he is wandering around a castle stepping over his most beloved friends and family -- including his beloved Charlize Therin Telemarketter -- his betrayer shows up, works some mojo in his brain and brings everything into stunning clarity.

    I Can Haz Better Stories Pls?

  • Elsewhere in Telemark the farm fields had become so small from repeated division that farmers had to harvest the hay that grew on the thatch of their roofs and grow vegetables by spreading dirt and manure on top of rocks.

    Excerpt: The Children's Blizzard by David Laskin

  • Brought fully awake by the sting of his blistered palms, Jaric recalled Telemark's ac-cident, and the agony of endurance he had suffered the night before.


  • I realize the title of my report sounds bizarre, but before you label me insane, consider the following well-established fact -- The Telemark Polyp Study demonstrated a 57% increase in mortality among patients screened for colon cancer vis-à-vis unscreened controls.

    Snow Day! 'Snow day for a colonoscopy....

  • Calvin watched a Telemark skier navigate moguls below.

    Sunshine Loop

  • Maybe do a Telemark turn to impress the tourist babes.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Anthony Mann, who grew up in the silent era, announced in the mid-1960s that his war film, The Heroes of Telemark, was going to be almost devoid of dialogue, but he was talked out of it.

    Nancy Chuda: The Artist: A Review With an Extra Big Shout Out to Uggy

  • Telemark skiing—a hybrid of cross-country and downhill—is challenging enough on groomed trails.

    A Rabbi in the Wilderness

  • I focus on five families from very different backgrounds -- Swiss-German Mennonites who emigrated together in 1873, a Yankee family who moved to Dakota when the railroads first opened the land, an extended Norwegian family who came from a lovely village in the Telemark region, etc.

    An interview with David Laskin

  • An enormous, barren expanse in the Telemark region of southern Norway, the Hardangervidda is too harsh a place for most plants and animals, let alone humans.

    Shadow Knights


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