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  • proper n. A dialect of Min Nan Chinese, spoken in the Chaoshan region of eastern Guangdong.


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Transliteration of Min Nan 潮州 (POJ Tiô-chiu) (shortened form of 潮州话, "Chaozhou language" or "Chaozhou dialect").


  • One is call the Teochew cendol, the other the Raja Uda cendol.

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  • Penang is one of those businesses owned by Chinese Malaysians, so the cuisine is highly representative of those groups, which include the Cantonese, Fujian, Teochew and Hakka peoples, among others.

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  • To kill time, I followed my Mandarin with other Chinese dialects: Cantonese, then Teochew and Hokkien.

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  • Teochew restaurant Goh Huat Seng at 59A Lebuh Kimberley specializes in steam boat (fish, vegetables and meat to cook at the table in a seasoned broth and fired the old-fashioned way, with charcoal), which is big enough for three to four diners.

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  • We worked mostly in silence, my lousy Teochew (my family's Chinese dialect) being a slight hindrance.

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  • But because of our limited ability to communicate, I never really felt I knew how she felt about her "Ang moh" (a Teochew phrase that implies "Westernized") granddaughter.

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  • This vendor serves bak chor mee, a soup noodle dish derived from southern China's Teochew cuisine.

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  • But using a tossed salad of Mandarin, English, Teochew and the occasional Hokkien phrase, I soon learned some things about my grandmother.

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  • It is buying television, radio, print or online ads in 28 languages (up from 17 in 2000), among them Dinka, spoken in south Sudan; Khmer, spoken in Cambodia; Teochew, spoken in parts of China and other Asian nations; and Wolof, spoken in Senegal.

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  • We could continue riding north through the island's Teochew village, or head in the opposite direction to poke around more Buddhist temples.

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