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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Trochilidae.


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  • Some occur in the most humid parts ranging into the Chocó forest of Colombia such as Crypturellus berlepschi, Penelope ortoni, Aramides wolfi, Pyrrhura orcesi, Thalurania hypochlora, Scytalopus robbinsi, Cephalopterus penduliger, Dacnis berlepschi, Diglossa indigotica, Tangara johannae.

    Western Ecuador moist forests

  • There are more than 252 species of birds, 40% of which are migratory, including 12 migratory ducks and approximately 36 endemic birds including the bumblebee hummingbird, (Atthis heloisa) and the Mexican woodnymph (Thalurania ridgwayi).

    Marismas Nacionales-San Blas mangroves


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