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  • adj. Reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher (1925-), former British prime minister, or her policies.


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Thatcher +‎ -esque


  • Glenis Willmott, the Labour leader in the European parliament, said: Cameron is trying his hardest to appear Thatcheresque.

    Angela Merkel struggles to win support for EU bailout rules at Brussels summit

  • I like Hillary Clinton and sympathize with the position she was in; I think it was especially difficult position for her as a woman who wants to be Commander in Chief -- there's that sense that if you aren't Thatcheresque you aren't tough enough to be President.

    Audio Of Obama's Slam Of Hillary's Vote For War

  • An Education also features fine supporting performances by Olivia Williams as a caring, dedicated teacher, Miss Stubbs, Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike as David's friend Danny and his girlfriend Helen, Emma Thompson as Jenny's Thatcheresque headmistress, and Sally Hawkins in a cameo role as Sarah (whose relationship to the other characters shall remain a secret).

    Penelope Andrew: Adolescent Anarchy & Rebellion in England: St. Trinian's & An Education

  • Is she the Thatcheresque hawk who persuaded Clinton to abandon European-led diplomacy in the Balkans and called Castro's downing of two civilian planes "cowardice, not cojones"?

    The Lady Is A Hawk

  • Whatever Merkel, 51, might lack in Thatcheresque zeal, she makes up for in candidness.


  • Conscious now about the lack of female characters in his earlier stories, he made an effort to even the sexual balance in Foundation's Edge, and the result was four major female characters: the Thatcheresque Mayor Harla Branno, the power-hungry Second Foundationer Delora Delarmi, the Trantorian farm girl Sura Novi, and the Gaian Blissenobiarella.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • BlairT is obviously going to get a Thatcheresque kickback from the Merkins for this.

    The Bounce

  • For a heady day or so, aides to Mr Cameron talked about forcing the Scottish government to hold a referendum within 18 months, before Mr Salmond retaliated with his own date, accusing Mr Cameron of "almost Thatcheresque" conduct a grave charge north of the border.

    The Economist: Daily news and views

  • Even Kurau and Christmas owe much of their charm to their very human good looks, and the thawing of Ayaka's Thatcheresque iron lady persona is accompanied by a subtle softening of her severe beauty.

    Anime News Network

  • Robert Palmer, with his cheap suits and general air of junior minister at Ag and Fish, always seemed to be a very Thatcheresque pop star.

    No Rock And Roll Fun


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