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  • proper noun a prefecture in Greece


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  • Sybota, a desert harbour of Thesprotia, whither their barbarian allies had come to support them.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • Another river, the Thyamis, forms the boundary of Thesprotia and Cestrinè, and the promontory of Cheimerium runs out between these two rivers.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • But, before the season was over, the Corinthians, perceiving that their allies were suffering, sent out a fleet and took up a position at Actium and near the promontory of Cheimerium in Thesprotia, that they might protect Leucas and other friendly places.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • Cheimerium is only a harbour; 39 above it, at some distance from the sea, in that part of Thesprotia called Eleatis, lies the city of

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • Ulysses, in conversation with Penelope, gives a fictitious account of his adventures; then assures her he had formerly entertained her husband in Crete; and describes exactly his person and dress; affirms to have heard of him in Phaeacia and Thesprotia, and that his return is certain, and within a month.

    The Odyssey of Homer

  • Thesprotia, he stripped me of the raiment which the king had given me, clothed me in these rags, and bound me with cords, intending to sell me as a slave.

    Stories from the Odyssey

  • There her lover having fallen under the spell of Penelope's beauty like all the others, and having met with an untimely death, Despoina had sworn vengeance on the whole house of Odysseus and to this end had married the barbarian king of Thesprotia.

    The Standard Operaglass Detailed Plots of One Hundred and Fifty-one Celebrated Operas

  • Despoina, queen of Thesprotia, and once Penelope's attendant has been made prisoner and is to be put to death, but Telemachos, Odysseus 'son fascinated by her beauty, intercedes for her.

    The Standard Operaglass Detailed Plots of One Hundred and Fifty-one Celebrated Operas

  • There was one in the mountain of Taenarum, another in Thesprotia, and a third, the most celebrated of all, in Italy, near the pestiferous Lake Avernus, over which it is said no bird could fly, so noxious were its exhalations.

    Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome

  • His purpose was to sell me in Africa as a slave for a great price; but Zeus willed it otherwise, for as we sailed southwards from Crete a great storm arose, and the ship went down with all her men, while I escaped by clinging to the mast, and after nine days was carried by the winds and the waves to Thesprotia, where I was kindly entreated by the king of that country.

    Stories from the Odyssey


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