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  • A river of eastern Brazil flowing about 2,896 km (1,800 mi) generally north-northeast and east to the Atlantic Ocean.


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  • Thetwo-and-a-half-hour Mass was just too much for their young minds to absorband toolong for their attention span to sustain.

    HAPPY EASTER! « MommyFiles

  • Thetwo smokersthey want the characters they play to catch lung cancer so as to get the moralising message across to the great unwashed in TV land.

    ASH - fake charity - calling for tv shows to kill off smoking characters.

  • Thetwo dined with Buffett and their families at theSmith& Wollenskysteakhouse in Manhattan last week and had the chance to learn from Buffett's more than 50 years of investing experience.

    Guy Spier and Mohnish Pabrai pay $650,100 for Lunch with Buffet

  • Thetwo work cooperatively, each guidingits flock in the same direction: support of corporatism, imperialism, nationalism & militarism. by

    OpEdNews - Diary: What's the Difference Between Republicans and Democrats?

  • Thetwo leading German powers, Prussia and Austria, were locked in a sterile rivalry with one another, and the spirit of a peoplewhich, a thousand years before, had subdued much of Europe under the standard of Charlemagne languished under the sway ofso many inferior diadems.

    FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871

  • Thetwo are scheduled to enter service in April 2011 and May 2012, respectively.

    Carnival Orders 2 Ships

  • Thetwo were barred from the party for five years for allegedly dividing the ANC, and Khumalo said they had also instructed their lawyers to seek an order for their reinstatement.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Thetwo main criteria were that projects could be started quickly to boost the economy and would also improve the quality of life for military personnel.

    WBAY Action 2 News

  • Thetwo men are among four people accused in the Sept. 4 killing of 17-year-old C.avalis Boyd, whose body was found in a burning home in Rocky Mount, N.C. Investigators have determined that Boyd suffered a fatal gunshot wound prior to the fire, which is considered arson.

    Reflector - Latest Headlines from The Daily Reflector

  • Thetwo shared a combustible chemistry, one that pushed Pollock into uncontrollable bouts oflunacy and self-doubt and may have contributed to the man’s early death.

    Pollock – By Sean O’Connell


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