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  • n. An elementary particle that has a mass 182,000 times that of the electron, is electrically neutral, and constitutes the quantum of weak interactions in which the charges of participating particles do not change. Also called Z particle. See Table at subatomic particle.


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  • But unlike most software programs, Thinkfree users can download only the pieces they need.

    Goodbye, Shrink-Wrap: Software For Rent

  • Mike Schrag, a 22-year-old software programmer in Richmond, Va., uses Thinkfree, a service that offers a word processor, spreadsheet program and other productivity applications (the "standard" service is free; extra features like more storage space, ad-free usage and automatic backups cost $25 a year).

    Goodbye, Shrink-Wrap: Software For Rent

  • Thinkfree is an online scaled down MS Office suite that allows users to view Office documents online as well as *collaborate and create shared Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents*.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • The Facebook Paint application substitutes Photoshop, Facebook Email is a superior offering to Outlook, Facebook Office (Facebook having acquired either Thinkfree or Zoho) provides the market leading word processing and spreadsheet platform.

    Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft?

  • It seems Thinkfree still believes in their applet for offline operations. reply

    Zoho Goes Offline (in a good way)

  • Apps, Google Docs, and indeed Zoho or Thinkfree (two other competitors) are all inaccessible in aeroplanes, basements or remote rural areas.

    IOL Technology

  • Corel, with its just released WordPerfect X5, probably does the best job, along with Thinkfree, a web-based, low-cost Microsoft alternative.

    ZDNet News - News Page One

  • Another interesting tool is Thinkfree, which you can write a paper, prepared PPS, using excel.

    Ohmynews International

  • These forms are: Feevy, Twitter, Diigo and Thinkfree.

    Ohmynews International

  • Through a partnership with Thinkfree, Hyperspace says it offers expanded business productivity capabilities for mobile users outside of the Windows environment.

    X-bit labs


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