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  • n. Greek & Roman Mythology The young woman of Babylon who killed herself after the suicide of her lover, Pyramus.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The clear-winged moth Hemaris thisbe.


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  • Petunia: Pyramus and Thisbe is the play the troupe of actors performs.

    A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

  • When she gets home, I think Thisbe is about to be showered with more love than she'll know what to do with.


  • Of particular note, I want to thank our wonderful friends, Matt and Jen, who not only made a donation to the Humane Society in Thisbe's honor, but also purchased a memorial brick on her behalf that we can visit at a local park for years to come.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • A few months ago, when we lost our beloved dog, Thisbe, I wrote about our friends, Matt and Jen, who made a thoughtful donation to the Humane Society and established a brick in Thisbe's memory.

    In Memoriam of Furry Love

  • She proved to be the "Thisbe" -- the corvette had escaped.

    Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships A Story of the Last Naval War

  • There is mention made of a town called Thisbe, south of Kadesh, but it is impossible to say whether this was the place referred to in the name given to the prophet.

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • At length poor Mrs. Camford uttered a faint cry, which called Thisbe's attention back to the spot from whence it never should have strayed, -- her mistress 'cushioned chair, -- and she rushed in a sort of frenzy for the nerve-reviver, and applied it to the trembling lady's nostrils; whereupon that delicately-constituted specimen of the genus feminine uttered a stentorian shriek and flounced about the room like an irate porcupine, greatly to the terror of Alice, who had never witnessed such a scene before.

    Eventide A Series of Tales and Poems

  • Ronald was well pleased to get such an ally as honest Job Truefitt, for there was not among the crew of the "Thisbe" a better seaman or a more trustworthy, better-hearted fellow.

    Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships A Story of the Last Naval War

  • Mr Strickland, the first lieutenant of the "Thisbe," being badly wounded, Mr Calder, the second, was directed to take charge of the prize.

    Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships A Story of the Last Naval War

  • Onboard the "Thisbe" the carpenters were busily employed in patching up some of the boats, so that the prisoners might be removed from the prize, while the rest of the crew were engaged in clearing away the wreck of the masts, and in preparing to make sail on the ship.

    Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships A Story of the Last Naval War


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