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  • n. A follower or advocate of Thomism.
  • adj. Of or relating to Thomism.


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  • Jay Richards has posted another installment in his series on Thomism and "Thomist" Critics of Intelligent Design.

    Antony Flew dies at 87

  • I think it is unfair to tear the Church in irreconcilable parties, for example: either you are a certain kind of Thomist, or you are bad and not Catholic.

    The Society of Scholastics -- online courses about to start

  • However, various protestations were made and dubia sent in to the Congregation by those who considered that the Decree might infringe the legitimate liberty of teachers in schools that were less "Thomist", to hold other opinions.

    The Society of Scholastics -- online courses about to start

  • But McLaren left out "Thomist," and probably for good reason.

    You left out "pithy"...

  • "Naturalists attempt to abolish the so-called Thomist arguments for a creator denying the very concept of creation itself.

    Baltimore Reporter

  • He also won praise from Catholic philosopher Jaques Maritain, a scholar of the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, who told him "You are a Thomist, dear Saul, a practical Thomist."

    Sandy Goodman: Who Is Saul Alinsky and Why is Newt Demonizing Him?

  • James Chastek, an Aristo-Thomist philosopher, had this to say:

    August 10th, 2009

  • Wright's language is so intemperate, even when he is claiming the rational high ground, that you would have been justified in being far runder; it is clear that, unlike some other Thomist Catholic homophobes, he is not even pretending not have have a visceral disgust for what other people might do in bed.

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • Tkacz appears to miss the mark, both on his characterization of ID positions such as for Michael Behe, and more surprisingly on his characterization of Catholic and Thomist thinking regarding how God may act.

    Antony Flew dies at 87

  • The use of the word "forms" seems to intimate an Aristotelian/Thomist bent.

    Blast From the Past


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