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  • adjective Relating to Thomsonianism.
  • noun A believer in Thomsonianism; one who practices Thomsonianism.


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Thomson +‎ -ian


  • In the UK, the main proponent of Thompsonian herbalism and, of course, the heavy reliance on die use of cayenne for just about every evil to which the flesh is heir, was Dr. Coffin, who in the twentieth-century continued in the practice of the North American Eclectic and Physio-medicalist herbalists and such well-known exponents of Thomsonian herbalism and of course the use of cayenne as Dr. Raymond Christopher.


  • Robinson declares of the lines "This City now doth like a garment wear/The beauty of the morning": "Essentially Thomsonian, the line (and poem) personifies the city in order to allow variety to be absorbed by the beautifying feminizing unifying perspective of the composed and composing meditation" (100). close window


  • But this is not what constitutes his interest for us, which is moreover obscured by the tameness of his Miltonic-Thomsonian versification.

    Some Diversions of a Man of Letters

  • When Dyer wrote blank verse he slipped into the Thomsonian diction, "cumbent sheep" and "purple groves pomaceous."

    A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century

  • Keate; and "The Alps," in heavy Thomsonian blank verse (VII. 107) by the same hand.

    A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century

  • Thomsonian poetry besides, treating of nature in a general way; then we have innumerable detached descriptions of actual scenes, such as we find scattered throughout Cowper's Task, and numberless other works.

    Afoot in England

  • The days of miracles passed long ago, and with all the virtues that may linger in the Thomsonian system of medicine, no possibility existed of the Shawanoe regaining the full use of his limb for several days to come.

    Deerfoot in The Mountains

  • Nature in poetry -- not in the form of Thomsonian or

    David Elginbrod

  • The mother applied the salve but twice, and then engaged the services of Wm. Hunter, a Thomsonian doctor, who decided that the child was afflicted with scrofula and had worms.

    N. Carolina University Magazine

  • College; Lord Sackville Cecil; King, one of the Thomsonian Kings;

    Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin


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