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  • proper n. Plural form of Thracian.


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  • The Thracians were the first inhabitants of the fertile valley.

    Archaeologists Study Terrain Outside Medieval Fortress Cherven

  • The first people to populate southern Bulgaria and the European portion of Turkey were called the Thracians, and the region is still called Thrace today.

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  • The Thracians were a nonliterate tribe often depicted by their southern neighbors as wild savages.

    Putting A New Face On Thrace

  • But starting from this to make war, he perished by the hands of the Thracians, that is both Aristagoras himself and his army, when he was encamped about a certain city and the Thracians desired to go out from it under a truce.

    The History of Herodotus

  • The Thracians were a brave people, but by no means remarkable for the highest intellectual superiority; yet Spartacus was eminently a man of mind, with large views, and an original genius for organization and war.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 01, No. 03, January, 1858

  • Next to the Thracians were the mercenaries, variously armed, and mixed with Paeonians.

    Plutarch's Lives, Volume I

  • Herodotus, an historian who lived during the 5th century BCE (and gave the Greek word "history" it's modern meaning) called the Thracians "the most numerous ethnic group, second only to the Hindus".

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  • The Gets obftinately defended themfelves, but were foon reduced; thefe of all the Thracians are the brave ft and the moll upright.

    The Monthly Review

  • As the chariots drew near, the Thracians in front of the line launched a deadly volley of javelins at the drivers and killed many of them while they were still charging.

    Alexander the Great

  • When the rest of the Thracians discovered what had happened, they bound her and led her to Alexander to be punished.

    Alexander the Great


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