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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Thutmose III Died 1450 B.C. King of Egypt (1504?-1450) who conquered Syria and much of the Euphrates Valley and brought great wealth to Egypt.


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  • After Hatshepsut's death, her stepson, Thutmose III, attempted to destroy all references to her legacy.

    A trip to Luxor

  • She was meant to rule as a co-regent only until her stepson Thutmose III matured, but she effectively took the reins and was recognized as the pharaoh by the royal court and religious officials until her death in 1457 B.C., Egyptologists say.

    scent of a pharaoh | clusterflock

  • Contrary to the myth that Thutmose III resented Hatshepsut, he seemed content to allow Hatshepsut to rule.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The regent for her step-son nephew Thutmose III, what was it that made her decide to seize power?

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Some believe it was Thutmose III, others Ramses II, a few say the Hyksos.

    Norman Mailer: Letters to Jack Abbott

  • In conclusion, Dorman noted that Hatshepsut's images were intentionally and meticulously desecrated and destroyed after her death by Thutmose III, and experimented with possible reasons for this fact.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Thutmose III, Hatshepsut's stepson and nephew, was too young to assume kingship at the time.

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  • The film concludes that it was late in his reign that Thutmose III had the monuments altered and then not so much because he hated Hatshepsut but because he wanted to consolidate his son Amenhotep II's claim to the throne.

    Hatshepsut Found; Thutmose I Lost

  • A visit to Hatshepsut's Red Chapel gives Cooney the setting to explain how Hatshepsut took precedence over her young ward, Thutmose III, after the death of her husband Thutmose II.

    Hatshepsut Found; Thutmose I Lost

  • She stole the throne from a young stepson, Thutmose III, dressed like a man and wore a false beard.

    CNN Transcript Jun 27, 2007


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